How to...

Implement Quda in 8 Steps

Step 1: Add Staff, Locations, and Categories​

You can refer to our specific How to Add Staff, Locations and Categories page to help complete this step.

Step 2: Setup dispense integration

Click on the one of the below buttons to be shown how to integrate Quda with your specific dispense software.


Alternatively, contact us and we can remotely support with this step.

Step 3: Get trained up

At least one team member should aim to be a Quda Champion of the pharmacy (which may very well likely be you if you're reading this implementation checklist in the first place). This will be the person in charge of implementation that can also answer any basic queries that other team members may have as they first learn how to use Quda. This is typically a retail manager, dispensary manager, or pharmacist (or any combination of these).

Each Quda Champion should get started by watching our Quda Starter Series of tutorial videos to get a hang of how everything works.

Following this, we also highly recommend to watch the Quda Advanced Tutorials, which go into additional depth on how to optimise Quda and make it work as efficiently as possible.

We also have the option for you to Book in a Quda Training using the booking calendar below so we can go through all things Quda in a more personalised 30-minute guided session.

Step 4: Install on all computers and activate SpeedScan

As Quda has no maximum terminal limit and no additional 'per-terminal' fees, we encourage you to install it on every computer in the pharmacy so you can access from anywhere at anytime.

Be sure to tick the Remember Me box as you login on each computer as well so you can save yourself from the embarrassment of forgetting the password in a weeks time.

It's also handy to right-click on Quda in your taskbar (assuming it's open) and click Pin to taskbar so you never have to go searching for it when you need it.


Make sure that after installing and opening Quda on each new computer that you also head to Settings > Terminal Settings and set both Speed Scan Order and Speed Scan SMS to ON as shown in the image below. This will make it so both of these boxes show at the top of the Quda homescreen on that computer.

Step 5: Notify your team, and get them setup and trained

You should let your team know that you'll now be using Quda for special orders (e.g., via your team WhatsApp, Facebook group, etc) and get them to watch the Quda Starter Series you watched in Step 2.


We've also created some printable reference guides that are perfect for a quick recap / basic overview of how the standard order flow works.


Place this wherever your team would typically go to process special orders so you can interrupt the old pattern of behaviour.


Provide this sheet to any stock controllers (e.g., retail manager, dispensary manager, buyer, etc) as necessary so they can refer to it as they adjust their processes.

Step 6: Import existing special orders and waiting lists

Aim to convert all your existing special orders (both front-of-shop and dispensary) and waiting list entries into Quda so you can remove your old systems as soon as possible. Manual entry into Quda is the easiest way to do this, and just make sure you get each order up to the same stage it was at in your previous system.

Failing to do away with old systems in a timely manner is the most common source of issues we see in pharmacies implementing Quda, so this is critical!

Trust us - having two systems actively in place at the same time gets very old, and very problematic, very quickly.

Step 7: Know where to go for more guidance and support

If you're ever unsure of how something works in Quda, you'll find lightbulb icons scattered around the place that can be clicked to direct you to the relevant page for that area on our HelpHub.

For example, you might find a lightbulb icon within specific windows (e.g., the Waiting Lists window), or next to specific settings (e.g., the SpeedScan Order and SpeedScan SMS settings within your Terminal Settings) so you can quickly access extra information if you get stuck.

If you ever need to get in touch with us directly - whether it's because you've run into an issue or you'd just like to ask a general question about how something works - you can do so via the Contact Us page on our website and send through a support query to our team.

Step 8: Enjoy your new and improved systems!
Okay - this isn't really a proper step, but celebrations are in order!

Seriously - give yourself a pat on the back. You've done yourself, your team, and your community a massive favour by implementing Quda and replacing your old systems. Be sure to mark this day in your calendar next year so you don't forget to celebrate your one year Qudaversary (fine, we might be pushing it with this one).​

Please also consider filling out our Quda User Survey using the button below. We're always looking to improve and appreciate feedback we can use to improve our processes and service.​