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SpeedScan SMS

SpeedScan SMS is a turbocharged communication tool that utilises Quda's groundbreaking SpeedScan technology beyond the realm of special orders and waiting lists.

By simply scanning the barcode on any dispense label, SpeedScan SMS enables you to effortlessly send custom messages, streamlining communication with your patients.

While Quda comes preloaded with some handy templates out of the box, you also have complete freedom to create your own depending on your pharmacy's unique processes and communication style.

Setting it up

After your dispense integration has been set up, navigate to Settings > Terminal Settings on each computer that has Quda installed and ensure the Speed Scan Order SMS option is ticked to ON.

After saving the above Terminal Settings, you’ll now see a Speed Scan SMS box at the top of the Quda home screen.

Once a patient’s prescriptions have been dispensed, you can scan one of the labels into this window.

Within Settings > SMS & App Settings:

(1) : If there’s a specific SpeedScan SMS template that your pharmacy uses more frequently than the rest, this is where you can set this template to be selected by default after scanning in a dispense label.

(2) : Click on this Customise Speed Scan SMS Templates button to create and edit SMS templates for you to choose from.

Using it

After scanning in the barcode on a dispensary label into the Speed Scan SMS box at the top of the Quda homescreen, your default template will show, and you’ll also be able to select from the other templates in your library.

The patient’s name and phone number (and item name, if the template uses this) get pulled across automatically from your dispensary software, filling the necessary fields given the SMS template you’ve selected. You are also free to make any finer edits to the SMS as you wish before clicking Send to send it to the patient.

Preloaded templates

"Medication Ready"

Gone are the days of bulky buzzers and hoarse voices from yelling patient’s names with prescription pickups. The Medication Ready template is a game-changer for pharmacies, providing a discreet and efficient way to alert patients when their scripts are ready for collection.

The Medication Ready template enhances the customer experience by freeing patients from feeling locked in the waiting area listening out for their name. By letting your patients know that they’ll receive an SMS when their items are ready, they will feel encouraged to explore your store and shop freely without concern that they’ll miss their call-out. Plus, no more maintenance issues, damage, loss, or theft to worry about with standalone buzzer systems.

Patients dropping off prescriptions for later pick-up can rest easy as well knowing they’ll get a timely SMS once their medications are ready. This clear communication sets expectations, ensuring a smooth and efficient pickup process.

Incorporating the Medication Ready template into your pharmacy workflow is more than an upgrade—it’s a smart step towards a more connected and efficient pharmacy environment, ensuring your patients feel valued, informed, and respected at every step of the way.

"Overdue Script Pick-Up"

Ever struggled with figuring out how to deal with scripts that just sit collecting dust at your pharmacy, month after month, waiting to be picked up? Don’t worry – you’re not alone.

While every pharmacy has their own preferred process, the Overdue Script Pick-Up template offers a novel and speedy way to help you send reminders to patients to get the ball rolling.

Here’s a suggested once-monthly workflow to help you stay on top of your scripts waiting in the pharmacy:

  1. Collect all baskets containing scripts dispensed over 30 days ago.
  2. For each basket, scan the dispense label of one item into the SpeedScan SMS box and send an Overdue Script Pick-Up SMS.
  3. Document the action by leaving a note in the basket for reference.
  4. For any basket that has already had a reminder sent in the previous month, consider cancelling the dispensing to free up the basket, stock, and space.