Our Team

Glenn Angel

CEO & Founder
BSc, MPharm

Kieran Guelfi

Account Executive &
Onboarding Manager
BSc, MPharm,

Sian Angel

BEd, MEd

About Pharmacy Halo

Pharmacy Halo is more than just a tech company; we’re a team of pharmacists dedicated to redefining pharmacy operations and processes. Born from the shared vision of professionals who know the pharmacy world inside out, we aim to solve everyday operational challenges through innovative digital solutions. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful idea: streamline pharmacy tasks with technology. Our flagship product, Quda, developed by founder Glenn Angel, is a testament to our commitment.

At Pharmacy Halo, collaboration is our cornerstone. We evolve through the valuable insights and feedback of our users, ensuring each feature of Quda is fine-tuned to meet real-world needs. However, we are driven by a more profound goal: to create solutions that liberate pharmacists and their teams, granting them more time for what truly matters – engaging with and caring for their patients and community.

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