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SpeedScan Order

SpeedScan Order enables you to utilise the barcode on dispense labels to revolutionise and streamline the way you manage special orders in the dispensary.

By simply scanning a dispense label directly into Quda, all the information you would've otherwise needed to enter in manually is automatically pulled across, saving you time while also ensuring no mistakes with incorrect entry are made.

The first 5m20s of the below video, taken from the Quda Starter Series, demonstrates how this feature works.

Setting it up

After your dispense integration has been set up, navigate to Settings > Terminal Settings on each computer that has Quda installed and ensure the Speed Scan Order option is ticked to ON.

Using it

After ensuring that the Speed Scan Order option is turned on in your Terminal Settings, you’ll now see a Speed Scan Order box at the top of the Quda home screen.

When you need to create a special order for a medication that you’ve dispensed, click into this box and scan the barcode on the dispense label to pull in the required information from your dispense software immediately.

After scanning in the barcode, the patient’s full name, phone number, and item name are automatically filled into a New Request. 

As the dispensary category in Settings > Category Settings has the “Mark new requests as Ordered” setting turned on by default, Quda will also prompt you to enter an ETA as it assumes you are ordering the medication from the supplier at the same time. After entering in your Staff login code and click Process Order, the order will then be moved into the Receive stage of the 4 teal coloured tiles on the home screen.

If you’re not also ordering the medication at the same time, simply uncheck the “Has the item been ordered yet?” box, and the order will be moved into the Order stage instead and await to be ordered by someone on your team.

This default setting can easily be changed in the Category Settings menu depending on how your pharmacy normally manages special orders for the dispensary as well.