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Add Staff, Locations, and Categories

You can access and customise your settings in Quda by clicking on the Settings tile in the bottom left of the homescreen.

Pharmacy Details
This is where you can edit details like your Pharmacy Name (i.e., what feeds into the bottom of SMS templates), SMS Name (i.e., what patients see as the contact name when you send them an SMS), and so on. This is also where you can access the Payment Portal to update your Quda subscription, as well as retrieve your TAC if you ever lose it.

Staff List
See further down this page.

Terminal Settings
This is where you can choose your printer, and determine which of the SpeedScan windows will show at the top of Quda (if any) for each computer.

Location List
See further down this page.

SMS & App Settings

Category List
See further down this page.

Dispense Integration

Staff List

This is where you can view, add, edit, deactivate, and reactivate your staff in Quda.

Click the Add Staff button to add a new staff member. You will need to enter their Staff Name along with a Login Code, which is what they will input whenever they perform an action so their involvement can be noted and timestamped. Most users will make this login code either their initials or till code so it is easy to remember.

If a staff member plans on taking advantage of the QudaCash Connect Referral System to hopefully score some $50 gift vouchers, they will also need to enter in their mobile phone number into their staff information so we can send communications out to them directly. Please note that these phone numbers are strictly used for referral related messaging only – we hate spam as much as you do!


This is where you can customise the locations available to be chosen at the Receive stage to indicate where a special order has physically been stored in the pharmacy.


You can create as many categories as you like and customise them according to whichever settings make the order flow as streamlined as possible.

You can also filter orders by category in the Order, Receive, and Collect stages to make it easier for specific team members to view orders that are relevant to them (e.g., a dispensary manager might wish to filter the Order section by the Dispensary category to see only what they need to order).

Assigning a category to an order also means the order inherits the custom settings for that category, which have the following impacts:

  • Auto Ordered
    • This will automatically tick the “Already ordered from Supplier” box at the New Request. Turn this on if you normally order stock on the spot for orders in this category.
  • Print Order Sheet
    • This will automatically tick the “Print Order Receipt” box when marking an order as Ordered.
  • Print Collect Sheet
    • This will automatically tick the “Print Collection Sheet” box when marking an order as Received. Collection sheets have a summary of an order’s information on it, so it is handy to attach these to special orders to make them easy to retrieve.
  • Auto Finalised
    • This will automatically tick the “Finalise order too” box when marking an order as Received. This means the order skips the Collect stage and is instead archived. Turn this on if you find that orders from a specific category often miss being marked out as collected.